Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Vietnam Christian

After Cambodia I arrived in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Natalie and I traveled for 3 weeks from from here to Hanoi.

Our Guesthouse in Saigon with a door to no where. Kind of dangerous when u think this is the toilet :-)

A population of almost 7 million people and 5 million motorbikes.

Saigon river

The Japanese and the Americans bought this area and are planning to built a big financial and living area within the next 15 years .

Saigon doesn't hold us long and we leave for Mui Ne on the coast.

We drive north on the coast with a motorbike to the sand dunes.

Really sandy

With this plastic things we try to slide down the dunes but it is not really working.

Thirsty area here

I needed a bath to get the sand off.

After Mui Ne we went to Dalat. This very french style town in the highlands of Vietnam is famous for coffee. I didn't really feel like I was in Vietnam. It's cold and looks like Europe.

In the night there is food everywhere on the street. We tried all the local stuff. This is a snail (escargot just like Paris).

Eiffel tower here? They copy everything in Vietnam!

Night market

More street food

Chicken, pork, sausages, eggs....

Chicken feet!

More snails

It's really famous to hire a guide from here to Nah Trang or further north. We met Hero on the street and planed a 3 days 2 nights trip to Nah Trang. Nat and I drove on our own 4 gear manual motorbike and followed Hero.

We got his ID just in case he escapes with our money and our luggage.

No Nat u don't drive!

First stop crazy house.

We can see coffee plantations everywhere on the way.

Dragon fruit

We stopped in a rice wine distillery.

Very strong. Here they don't need a license to make alcohol.

The test for the amount of alcohol. It burns for a long time, so there is a lot of alcohol :-)

Vietnamese Coffee. Very strong and very sweet!

We visited a cotton production.

The machines they use are very old but it still works.

The first night we spent in a little village in a long house.

The next day we saw the cotton silk worms for the cotton production.

Oh! Something is broken!

A little rain sometimes but it's very beautiful.

We ate a lot of this fruit, something like lychee.

A long house

The food in Vietnam is very good! Chicken, Spring rolls, Soups, beer....


Typical Vietnamese girl

Typical Swiss boy

On the next day the landscape was very nice with all the rice fields.

No comment!

This snake is 35 kg! Really scary!

On the way we had a flat! Hero and I tried to repair it but the hole was too big! We got a spare tube after 2 hours.

Swimming in the jungle

Rubber tree

They make great tables. This set costs around 1500 Dollar. All hand made.

Water buffalo

Coffee Plantation

Driving is fun but also dangerous!

Make your own spring rolls.

Raw pork. It was only in a banana leave for a couple of days.

For breakfast we had pork and noodle soup.

Here u can see the production of the rice paper. Is it okay to smoke while doing this?

All the Vietnamese have a mobile phone.

After 3 days with a motorbike and 600km we arrived in Nah Trang.

I still write in my diary everyday.

Further north is Hoi An. A very nice city with a lot of charm. Hoi An is famous for tailor made clothing for a very good price.

Hoi An beach is beautiful!

After 2 days in Hoi An our shoes and our clothes were finished. I chose this shoe from an Italian magazine and they made it exactly in my size, color and style. Good job guys!


The shoemakers.

Goodbye to my old Puma shoes!

After Hoi An we arrived in Halon Bay.

We stayed here for 2 days on this boat. It's a great place but a bit too touristy!

Mark from California and I. We had a lot of fun! Thanks to you Mark.

The surprise cave.

Kayaking in the bay

6m jump from the deck.

After almost 3 weeks we arrived in Hanoi

It's crazy how they drive here. No space for us to walk, very noisy and smoke!

Vietnamese are the number one in fake products. I don't like that so much!

Chicken in the city.

Goodbye Vietnam! We had a great time but also some bad experiences. The Vietnamese ripped us off a lot and not always in a nice way. It's all about business! I was happy to leave noisy Hanoi and the annoying people. Good experience! The countryside is amazing and the people there are very nice.